Sunday, September 16, 2012

Disgrace in Benghazi

 Mark Steyn

So, on a highly symbolic date, mobs storm American diplomatic facilities and drag the corpse of a U.S. ambassador through the streets. Then the president flies to Vegas for a fundraiser. No, no, a novelist would say; that’s too pat, too neat in its symbolic contrast. Make it Cleveland, or Des Moines.

The president is surrounded by delirious fanbois and fangurls screaming “We love you,” too drunk on his celebrity to understand this is the first photo-op in the aftermath of a national humiliation. No, no, a filmmaker would say; too crass, too blunt. Make them sober, middle-aged midwesterners, shocked at first, but then quiet and respectful.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Dems Claim They Led Fight for Civil Rights By Supporting Slavery


I’m starting to wonder if the Democratic Party isn’t a party of liars, but a party of people so abysmally ignorant of basic history that they don’t even know that they’re lying anymore.
For more than 200 years, our party has led the fight for civil rights, health care, Social Security, workers’ rights, and women’s rights.
That’s the claim on the Democrats site under “Our History”
I’m interested to hear about Andrew Jackson’s support for health care reform and his civil rights achievements on the Trail of Tears. And I doubt that Andrew Jackson’s Petticoat Affair (not what you think) really qualifies as feminism.
The Democrats seem to think that they were fighting for civil rights while supporting slavery. Perhaps they mean this notable support for civil rights from the Democratic Party Platform of 1868.
After the most solemn and unanimous pledge of both Houses of Congress to prosecute the war exclusively for the maintenance of the government and the preservation of the Union under the Constitution, it has repeatedly violated that most sacred pledge, under which alone was rallied that noble volunteer army which carried our flag to victory. Instead of restoring the Union, it has, so far as in its power, dissolved it, and subjected ten States, in time of profound peace, to military despotism and negro supremacy.
That was only 144 years ago.