Sunday, October 27, 2013

'No a Right-Wing Problem'

This is what Israelis live with; it probably does not even make a 'footline' - certainly not a headline - in the US or elsewhere. 
Israel was pressured to release terrorists held in her prisons - a 'gesture of confidence-building' it is called.
The only ones to whom it gives confidence is the enemy entity; the freedom of murderers means that they can return to their killing profession.  There is never a reciprocal gesture on the other side - not even a phony promise.  On the contrary; Arab children are inbued daily with the glory of killing Israelis and their elders 'follow the leader' - Abbas and his henchmen.
The voices of some of Israel's leaders - MKs - are now being raised in opposition to the imminent release of the second batch of terrorists this coming week.  For Israelis it is a matter of survival - of life and death and, should those wise ones prevail and stop the release it is important for those outside of the country to understand the truth.  No doubt, it would be reported as 'Israel reneging on an agreement' and 'endangering the peace process'.  The criminals at the other end would be seen as 'innocents' who are at the mercy of the Israelis. 
The article below offers a taste of how Israel's 'peace partners' offer their 'gesture of confidence building'.  Ask yourself if you would like to have this in your neighborhood. It should help you understand us.
Arutz 7 -Oct.27,13
3. Rock Attacks ‘Not a Right-Wing Problem’
by Maayana Miskin Rock Attacks   Not a Right-Wing Problem

An Israeli student and his girlfriend were attacked by an Arab gang wielding stones as they drove near Jerusalem’s Hebrew University on Saturday.

Yair Nativ, who was driving, wrote about the attack on his Facebook page. “We saw that they had put some big blocks [in the road] to slow us down – just like in Shechem or Hevron,” he recalled.

“We saw the ‘youths’ waiting there with stones. They threw a few, and one hit us,” he continued.

Police arrived at the scene quickly, he wrote. “But the youths didn’t run away from them, and even tried to throw rocks at them.”

“This is in the state of Israel, in the capital of Israel, near the Hebrew University. You won’t read or hear about this anywhere,” he continued.

“I asked the police officers who came how many times this happened per week. Dozens of times, nobody (except those who threw rocks or live in the area) really knew. It’s an area with no real rule of law – each man does what is right in his eyes,” he warned.

Nativ expressed upset at the lack of coverage in mainstream news sources.

“When I searched for ‘rock throwing Jerusalem’ in Google [in Hebrew – ed.], I found something only on a site called, ‘Hakol Hayehudi’ [Jewish Voice], as if this were a problem solely for sites affiliated with the right,” he reported.

“This is a national problem,” he declared. “The difference between a rock that only hits the car and a rock that hits a passenger is not very big. The difference between a rock and a firebomb, which of courses causes more serious results, is also not so big.”

“But you will not read about this anywhere,” he concluded.

Nativ added a final note on the attack. There was one thing that scared the attackers, he wrote, “Lior’s camera. She had the wherewithal to quickly start filming” as they came under attack

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